A truly bespoke material

Decades of expertise

It was 1977 when Bernard Clifford and his business partner started landscaping and building with Kanmantoo Bluestone. Six years later, they purchased the quarry. But after 40 years in the business, Bernard thought perhaps it was time he took a step back.



When we purchased the Kanmantoo Bluestone quarry in 2015, we couldn’t let almost 4 decades of experience and expertise in the quarrying, hand selecting, hand cutting and building with South Australian bluestone just disappear. We wanted to ensure we were able to offer Hanson customers not just beautiful bluestone, but also what we are quite sure is the very best bluestone expertise in the country.

Today, Bernard continues to work with us at Kanmantoo Bluestone as a consultant. He continues to work with the stone he loves, to personally supervise the crew of local employees he has trained over the years, and to pass on his expertise.

Extensive Delivery Network

Bringing Kanmantoo Bluestone under the Hanson brand allows us to leverage our strong national network to make Kanmantoo Bluestone even more accessible to architects, builders, landscapers and designers all around Australia.

How South Australian Bluestone is unique

South Australian bluestone is quite different to other bluestone mined around Australia.

Whereas the bluestone quarried in Victoria is plain blue, the bluestone from South Australia — and Kanmantoo in particular — is multi-coloured and it’s this which gives it its unique appeal.

Stunning hues

The interior of the stone is usually pale blue-grey or beige, but you’ll also find ochres, reds and browns, the occasional pinks and purples, and even green. These various hues are caused by ferric oxide and other minerals which have been deposited in the joints and bedding planes of the bluestone over the approximately 300 million years it has taken to form.

Working the stone by hand

It’s the unique colouring of the Kanmantoo Bluestone that makes it such a specialised bluestone to quarry — which is where the expertise of our team is so important.

A truly bespoke material

Each piece of South Australian bluestone is unique in size, shape and colouring. You cannot simply cut a block of Kanmantoo Bluestone into smaller pieces — every stone is individual and needs to be treated as such.

It’s this which makes the quarrying of the Kanmantoo Bluestone such a labour-intensive process. Because production requires splitting by hand, our quarry workers need to know exactly how and where to work the stone. This requires initiative, aptitude, a trained eye and a steady hand.

Local and loyal employees

The 15 members of the Kanmantoo quarry team are locals, employed from the region. We have a number of long-term employees — many have been working at the quarry for well over 10 years.


“I love working with stone because it’s ever-changing, not like a brick. Every piece is different. I think it really grows on you.”
– Bernard Clifford, Kanmantoo Bluestone