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Kanmantoo Bluestone is one of the few authentic bluestone products available today. The stone is extracted from the Kanmantoo Stone Quarry in the Adelaide hills by Albern Slate Pty Ltd. The company established by Bernard Clifford in 1977 is both highly experienced and widely respected within the South Australian building community.

The Kanmantoo Quarry is of considerable historical significance and has supplied stone for many homesteads in the surrounding district. Many remain standing today, despite years of exposure. This is indicative of the superior strength and durability of this truly natural product. Now the dependable rugged beauty that only genuine bluestone can offer is available to the public in a product of absolutely unparalleled quality.

Kanmantoo was reportedly started in the nineteenth or early twentieth century as a source of stone for local fences & farmhouses.

Kanmantoo stone's versatility is unsurpassed and can be applied to many interior or exterior appointments.